Presentation Guidelines

Oral presentations with regular sessions

  • Please show up at the relevant session room 15 minutes in advance and make yourself known to the chairman.
  • Please bring a USB stick for uploading your presentation on the presentation laptop. We will also provide you with a pointer.
  • The volunteers will assist you in uploading presentations.
  • Please stand away from using your own laptop as this causes too much loss of time when switching laptops.
  • If you have an animated video, please plan for sufficient time to check its working correctly on the presentation laptop provided.
  • We prefer a powerpoint *.pptx file suited for Office 2010. If you want to use *.pdf, please make sure that all fonts are embedded.
  • We do not provide a template, however please use sufficiently large fonts.
  • The total time assigned to your contribution is 20 minutes. Please stick to 15 minutes for your talk as we have planned for 5 minutes of discussion.

Poster presentations

  • The poster area will be at a prominent location in the Foyer.
  • Tapes for fixing posters will be provided by the conference organisers. Please get in contact with the volunteers wearing GeMiC shirts, which can be found around the registration desk, or the poster session chairmen for obtaining fixing tapes. Please use only the fixing material provided by us.
  • Max Poster size is DIN-A0 format (width 841 mm x height 1189 mm). Alternatively you may use several smaller sheets.
  • Do not simply print out your paper.
  • Please do not overload your poster with lots of text and formulas. Instead please use meaningfull figures, sketches and photos.
  • Poster presentation is a more interactive way of presentation, which gives you the chance to intensively discuss your work with the conference attendees.